When asked what I do for a living, I am always so tempted to say “storytelling”. "I write compelling, sometimes absurd, sometimes comedic, stimulating and thought-provoking stories”.


I’m not just a writer, but an unapologetic content creator, who cherishes the opportunity to electrify, stimulate and inspire audiences, while framing narratives around critical thought, abandoned histories and revisionist futures. 


My work encourages brands to inspire and challenge each other, find a social and ethical premise on which to base their products, and transform bystanders into consumers and co-creators. I believe in consumerism that goes beyond sale, product value and consumption, and ventures into spaces that enrich lifestyles, promote better health, better values and spark big conversations. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

My website is currently under construction and in the middle of a facelift, so everything may not be working as it should! I'd love you to see the finished product on my launch day, so please return on the 5th of July for more fun and razzmatazz! In the meantime, do keep in touch via all my social links and e-mail ming@sheiscreative.com to share your vision, requirements and storytelling needs. 

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